Carl Bettis

About Me

I'm a writer and software engineer in Kansas City, Missouri. I am on the Riverfront Readings Committee, and I edit a free horror e-zine, tiny frights.

I just started a new blog, Random Modulation, using the Python-powered Pelican static site generator and a simple theme I created.

tiny frights

tiny frights - The web page for the free e-zine of short-form horror I edit.
tiny frights Substack - Read or subscribe to tiny frights. - tiny frights Mastodon account.
tiny frights Instagram - tiny frights Instagram feed.
tiny frights Facebook page - tiny frights Facebook page.


Random Modulation is my latest blog.
New Verse, Old Web - Mostly verse forms I've created, with examples, plus some odds and ends that aren't that at all.
GOTO Poem - Where I play around with combining poetry and technology. I haven't updated it in a while.
Bedrieger Junction - A fictional community where a bunch of my authorial aliases and I hang out. This is far from being the dorkiest thing I've ever done.
Smashwords - About Carl Bettis - My Smashwords author page.


Caracabe Reads - My 2022 book reading log.
Caracabe at the Library of the Uncommons - Where I might do my reading log for 2023.
Caracabe at The StoryGraph - The other place I might do my reading log for 2023.


Caracabe Instagram - My personal Instagram feed. - My personal Mastodon account.


Caracabe DokuWiki - I use this domain to play around with various technologies.
Caracabe SpaceHey - My SpaceHey page. I haven't really done anything with it yet.
Riverfront Readings - Presenting readings of poetry and literary fiction in the Kansas City area for over 30 years. I've been involved since the mid-to-late 1980s.