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To the Hosts

To the Hosts

Oh, it's just a tantrum
because he hates to go.
Let him get it out of his system.
Yes, he's setting fire
to your curtains,
but honestly, he's already
made such a wreck of your house,
what's the difference?
His feelings are delicate,
and he only has
two boxes of matches left -
where's the harm in humoring himc
until they're gone?

-- Carl Bettis

Image info: Delicate Decline, copyright 2020 by by Carl Bettis, is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

17 Nov 2020

Time Has Gone Strange Because (poem)

Time Has Gone Strange Because As long as they're flying it's night. Because they're flying, I crouch. They don't tire, and I have been crouching for months now, nearly a year now it's been dark. [...]
27 Sep 2020

Day & Night

Day & Night Day is breakable. We say it breaks. It isn't here until it's broken. When I was a child (a teenager, a young adult, the age I am now) I loved the night. The eyes of others, the eyes [...]
27 Sep 2020

Watkins Mill, 9/22/2020 (haibun)

Haibun: Watkins Mill, 9/22/2020 In a Missouri state park, sitting outside a camper that belongs to my brother-in-law and his wife, drinking cabernet from a coffee cup, I read a book. Theoretically. A [...]
07 Sep 2020

The president with gold-plated teeth (poem)

A poem by one of my heteronyms. The president with gold-plated teeth President chews thru DC's cherry trees Senate shits pits Congress learns to use bidets President gnaws down Washington Monument [...]
30 Aug 2020

Rain Ghazal (poem)

Rain Ghazal A child, I dreamed of squeezing clouds, guzzling rain. A homeowner now, my nightmares flood with rain. The trickle of mouse-paws inside the walls gushes louder the longer it rains. The [...]
26 Jul 2020

Apocalypse Lost (poem)

Apocalypse Lost Cicadas newly emerged tasted the air and returned to bed. Squirrels stopped games of tag mid-summer to grub up hoarded acorns. Polar blisters burst. Mountains leaked away. The sky [...]
08 Jul 2020

Nav (prose poem)

A prose poem by one of my heteronyms, Basil Cartryte. Nav I have forgotten who everyone is & no one despises. I thought that was me. Naive hauteur of the half-educated trickles across corroded [...]
05 Jul 2020

"The Yellow Boots" and "The Yellow Boots (detail)" - doodles

A couple of digital doodles: The Yellow Boots and The Yellow Boots (detail). Image info: The Yellow Boots and The Yellow Boots (detail), copyright 2020 by by Carl Bettis, are licensed under a Creative [...]

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