Simple jump in slow-fast systems, by Ilya Voyager

I belong to a Facebook group, 365 Poems in 365 Days. The idea, as the name of the group suggests, is to write 365 poems in a single year. Not necessarily a poem a day. You can work ahead, or catch up. I participate every other year, this year being one of them.

There's something to be said for writing a poem every day (on average). Sure, relatively few of the poems I produce this way are good enough to keep and revise. But on the other hand, I have dozens of poems I rather like, that would not have existed otherwise. A second advantage: when I look through my 365 poems at the end of the year, I spot words, phrases, and techniques I overuse.

There's something to be said, too, for slowing down and working on a few things, giving each as much time as it needs.

I find alternating the two methods keeps my creativity flowing rather nicely.

Image: Simple jump in slow-fast systems, by Ilya Voyager, from Wikimedia Commons.