Domesday Book

Gearing up for National Poetry Writing Month 2019 in April. I'm already writing a poem for every day in 2019 for a Facebook group, but during April I will posting a poem for every day on the blog.

Some of these poems will be by heteronyms - a term coined (in this usage) by Portuguese poet Fernando Pessoa. According to Wikipedia:

The literary concept of the heteronym refers to one or more imaginary character(s) created by a writer to write in different styles. Heteronyms differ from pen names (or pseudonyms, from the Greek words for "false" and "name") in that the latter are just false names, while the former are characters that have their own supposed physiques, biographies, and writing styles.

I have a roster of five heteronyms (six, if you count "Carl Bettis") who regularly write for me. These five have been consciously crafted to represent different (fictionalized) facets of my personality. Recently a sixth showed up out of the blue.

Most of the poets (heteronyms) are described here. The new one who apparently created himself is Sturgis Giteau, a neo-Beat poet, fan of Bukowski and Kerouac.

Image info: The Domesday Book from Andrews, William Andrews' ''Historic Byways and Highways of Old England'' (1900), from [Wikimedia Commons|||Domesday Book, Wikimedia Commons].