In a Manner

A sheet is the universe, they say. The universe is not flat
but as if it were, we all make dents.
The saying they being cosmic philosophers when they expound the ineffable
to us dense effers by way of shadow and supposition.
In a manner of story. Metaphor mallet
to tenderize mind, to pound my vision of all that is
as if flat. If one can pound a shadow.
A lake is flat except when it ripples or ruffles or dimples or always has tides.
Crawdads dent mud, frogs dent leaves, fish interior dent the water.
The crawdad is matter of the lake being pulled through an overhand crawdad knot.
The fish a tadpole flowing through a fish.
The duck a miracle. The duck leaves a hole
the lake falls into and forgets.
A lake is as flat as you don't see the dents,
and I have dreams that tangle the sheets.

-- Bryant Jacobi

Image info: Making Celestial Tracks, NASA/JPL-Caltech/University of Washington,