As I may have mentioned, I employ a number of heteronyms. I’ve been pulling together what I know of each as a person. Might as well introduce them here.

First up, the heteronym I’ve been working with the longest, BASIL CARTRYTE.

Roughly 40 years old, a Capricorn (if that matters), Cartryte is an experimentalist, in love with the new and the wonderful. He is maybe a bit too cerebral, maybe a little pompously artsy-fartsy. Here’s his bio, as written by himself:

Basil Cartryte lives in East Sandhill Corners, Montana. Along with Roynald O’MacRossinski and Mary Contrail, he is part of the dada band Wrong Shade of Red (formerly Sprong Magenta). He spends 8 hours a day being a machine, during which time his astral double emanates, spawns or invades alternate realities. His dog, Morsél Duchomp, helps keep him grounded.