D----d T---p is a dictator. That's beyond debate. The only question is, how powerful is he?

He's purging those disloyal to him from the government.

His lackeys and enablers are swiftly dismantling any institutional checks on his power.

The Constitution no longer has the force of law. No laws remain, only his will.

Meanwhile, Democratic party leaders treat his regime as an aberration rather than a threat, and even journalists who don't propagandize for him pretend all is normal.

The ACA, Roe v Wade and the right to vote are on life support.

This lying, greedy, vainglorious bully who boasts of sexual assault has the enthusiastic support of American evangelicals. Establishing a theocracy once seemed beyond his power, but so did every single atrocity he's already accomplished.

I've helped people register to vote, and my wife does even more of that, but right now that seems pointless. The election will be rigged, and even if T---p loses, he won't leave willingly. In that eventuality, civil war is the best-case scenario.

We can't say to the world, "This isn't who we are." We are what we do. And we do what T---p wants.

I don't know how to fight to any effect, and I'm afraid it might be a lost cause. That doesn't mean I won't fight. But today, I'm discouraged.

Image info: Dictal, copyright 2020 by Carl Bettis, is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.