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Dream snippet

I was going thru my current journal, which is nearly full, and this snippet from a dream caught my eye. I'm sure it means nothing.  […]

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29 Day Challenge, Day 22: Mom

(Mom, left; Aunt Jane, right) Today would have been my mother's birthday. Mom was a shipwelder during World War II. She was very conscientious, a person other welders would be sent to for mentoring. I didn't hear this from her. The only thing she told me about her shipwelding days was, "I fell  […]

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29 Day Challenge, Day 12: Snow Dog

A couple of weeks ago we adopted a new dog, Elizabeth Cadence "Cady" Stanton. I could be wrong, but I think she enjoys playing with her toys in the snow. (Videos by Anne Calvert.)    […]

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29 Day Challenge, Day 3: What I'm up to

What I'm working on these days (an incomplete list). Probably of interest to nobody.

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